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Christie's estimated that this Replica Tag Heuer Watches would sell for between CHF350,000 and CHF500,000. It ended up selling at CHF461,000. This story is not intended to undermine the Replica Tag Heuer Watches. It's only meant to help understand its logic. Here is a detailed dial analysis for the Black Ghost dial on the Vintage Rolex Forum.

Christie's broke the record on 11 November 2013 by paying USD 1,089,186 to purchase a beautiful 1969 RCO Replica Tag Heuer Watches ref. with a black dial and three colors. The watch, ref. 6263, had been lying inactive for many years inside a Swiss retailer’s safe. This is why the guarantee dates back to the late 1970s. This watch has a font that is different from other watches. However, it is not related to its status as a Replica Tag Heuer Watches. If you look at other black-dial RCO Replica Tag Heuer Watches the font is the same as that on most black pump-pusher Replica Tag Heuer Watches Dials.

As mentioned previously, the Replica Tag Heuer Watches with a black dial is considered the rarest Daytona. It is always seen in low-production-number screw-pusher chronographs and was available only on demand, which is why the prevailing belief is there is just over a dozen ever created. If you are new to vintage watches but have the money, should you immediately set your eyes on this rarest Replica Tag Heuer Watches?

Wait a minute. What rare-watch dealers, and auction houses don't want to tell you is how easy it would be in theory to create a Replica Tag Heuer Watches with a three-color RCO dial.

How would you approach this?

Signed Rolex Cosmograph, Oyster or Daytona. Ref. 6263/6239, Replica Tag Heuer Watches model,Replica Rolex GMT-Master II case no. This lot, 2'197'870 manufactured in 1969 was the 23rd of Christie's Lesson One auctions in 2013.

Step One

Refers. 6262 or 6264 are required to purchase a Replica Tag Heuer Watches black pump-pusher Daytona in three colors. You can choose either 6262 or 6264. You can find one under USD150,000 if you shop around.

Step Two

Find yourself a screw-pusher with an early serial number ref. You can expect to pay USD50,000-USD60,000 for a 6263 with serial numbers of 2,08 or 2,09 million. These watches are available for sale in large numbers.

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