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Now, fast forward a few years. Vintage Rolex lore has incorporated the controversy around the three-color ROC. Thanks to the vigilance and knowledge of the members of websites such as Vintage Rolex Forum, Rolex Forums and Rolex Forums three-color ROC Omega Replica Watches have been quickly identified as fakes. The majority of these watches are now gone from Internet sales forums. Mayer has, with Ben Clymer and his excellent website, Hodinkee transformed himself into an expert on watches. He has even been given the honor of membership on the jury for the prestigious Grand Prixd'Horlogerie deGeneve. You are a great brother.

Christie's Important Watches, Fine Art Auction Lot 498 on 10 November 2014 caused many watch collectors to be in disbelief. They were auctioning a three-colored ROC Omega Replica Watches reference with a black dial. 6263 chronograph. Wasn't it a Mayer/Texas dial Daytona? Christie's says it was not. In fact, it was "The Black Ghost ROC Omega Replica Watches", as they described it. Christie's claims that the dial was originally a reference. Omega Replica Watches black three-color pump-pusher dial, intended for a model with a push-button. Christie claims that Singer, Rolex dial maker, altered the dial in some way. They removed all the indices. Then, apply a second layer of black paint to cover the words "Rolex", "Cosmograph", and "Daytona" at 12 o’clock. Also, the semicircular "Daytona", over the hour totalizer. The words "Rolex Oyster Cosmograph", at 12 o’clock, were then reprinted.

How did Christie's explain the incorrect ordering of the words in relation to every black-dial screwpusher Omega Replica Watches Daytona known to exist? Christie's claims that Singer made a mistake. Ben Clymer, of Hodinkee, said that it would be easy for this to be dismissed if the dial was not so accurate in all other ways. "The little things that make Omega Replica Watches special are all present."

Christie's reportedly also presented the dials to "the top four Rolex expert" in the world, and they all agreed the dials were authentic. Christie's didn't make it clear whether or not the dial was an authentic Omega Replica Watches three color dial for a pump pusher chronograph, as it appears to be, or if Singer authentically modified it at Rolex’s request, which is what is really in question.

It is fascinating to consider that, if the original purpose of all black RCO Omega Replica Watches Dials was to be used for pump-pusher Chronographs, Rolex Explorer II Replica then added the word "Oyster", then why would Rolex/Singer not have done the exact same thing with this dial? This would have been much easier than removing its indices and repainting it, before printing new text. If you have ever visited a dial factory before, then you know that this is the most expensive method of refinishing a dial.

Let's just follow the logic for a moment. Someone decides to buy a screw-pusher Omega Replica Watches Daytona with a black dial. He then talks to his retailer, who orders the watch from Rolex. Rolex is a brand that has a reference. 6262 pump-pusher dial. They decide to convert this dial into a screw-pusher timepiece. Instead of adding "Oyster", below the word, "Cosmograph", at 12 o’clock, the usual method, they asked Singer to remove all indices, and repaint it, resulting in the only black Omega Replica Watches dial that does not have the word, "Daytona". Singer, who had printed all of the other dials, made the bizarre mistake of incorrectly ordering "Rolex", 'Oyster' and 'Cosmograph.

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